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Direct Technical and Wessex IT is now one company. You can read more about the merger on our blog.

Managed IT Services

What we do

Why choose us?

Apart from the fact we’re great people to deal with, we have…

  • Excellent Proven Track Record
  • Compelling and cost-effective Private Cloud Offering
  • Small and Highly Experienced Team
  • Local On-site Support or Remote as needed
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring & Management
  • Sussex Based and Independently Owned
  • Ad-Hoc Support (contract-free)
  • Highly competitive pricing

Direct Technical provides vital managed IT services for our clients. We have earned a position of trust through dependable management and support of clients’ systems over many years.

A core component of our offering is Hosted cloud services. A simple example would be the storing of your data off-site (in the cloud).

This can provide significant benefits in flexibility, cost, scalability and ease of access from anywhere.

However, this convenience often comes with risk and regulatory issues. A business wanting to host their systems and data in the cloud also must consider significant and wide-ranging additional security measures and access controls.

These kinds of challenges are why our clients have chosen to partner with DT, with our many years of experience in planning and implementing hosted cloud solutions.

We have our own high-availability Private Cloud systems housed in a 99.999% uptime datacenter allowing us to host your systems securely and reliably. These Cloud Systems save you from the expense and time for installing systems of your own. You can use the inherent flexibility and scalability of our cloud services to scale the technology to suit your needs without the need for large capital investment. A benefit of Cloud Services is that access to your data is always available, whenever your team has an internet connection.

Consulting Services

Our typical approach to new clients is to meet with the executive to determine their business imperatives and ambitions – and (if required) to survey the currently installed hardware and software.

We can then make recommendations on how best to develop the investment in IT to achieve these imperatives and ambitions.

24/7 Monitoring

Our dedicated monitoring system tracks the performance and availability of all of your systems.

  • Web applications and services
  • Internal software and systems
  • Server performance and availability
  • Firewalls and network access points

Our comprehensive system of checks and balances keeps us and you informed about the stability and security of your network, covering:

  • Antivirus logs
  • Device availability data
  • Data backup records
  • Server and system performance
  • Crash reports

Ongoing Maintenance and Management

Our systems can automate many repetitive IT Tasks, saving time and increasing efficiency. DT provides regular reports on the health of your systems with recommendations for fixes and improvements based on the data gathered.

Our firewalls, antivirus, anti-ransomware and anti-malware systems are constantly updated and patched. Additionally, we ensure that all your organisations operating systems, software and antivirus are kept up to date and protected.

Data Backup

Data loss can be a major inconvenience or can be ruinous, leading to a complete breakdown of your services and reputation.

Whatever the cause,  be it hardware, software, a security breach or even human error, the damage can be severe enough to put some organisations out of business.

It is vital that all businesses have at a minimum, a secure and easily recovered backup. Some businesses may even need hot-site replication where live systems are constantly replicated to a separate site for almost instant recovery.

We offer a full range of Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions helping you to get up and running both quickly and with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations.

We use Veeam Backup and Recovery and Altaro software to provide;

  • Fully Automated Backups and Reporting
  • Off-site and/or Secure Cloud Backups
  • Continuous Replication for ‘Instant’ recovery
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service

Remote Desktop Services

A hosted remote desktop is a virtual desktop computer hosted on a server. Your users can then connect to this from anywhere on the internet. A remote desktop solution allows your team to access all of their applications and data as though they were sitting in your office.

We can deploy such a solution either on your premises, or hosted at our secure data centre using our Private Cloud Service. Some clients use remote desktop services for their entire workforce, whether at home or in the office.  This makes it a seamless experience to move desks, work from home or on the road. A further benefit to the organisation is that the Remote Desktop servers are centrally managed, updated and monitored, significantly reducing the overhead of managing separate PC’s.

Domain Registering

DT is a long standing TAG holder and voting member for the Nominet Internet Naming Authority. We aim to respond to customer queries or new contacts in 48 hours. For Nominet’s terms and conditions please refer to this document. For domain enquires please email us at:

If you wish to make a complaint we would like to hear from you directly so please call us on 01273 892900, you may also use the sales email address. We aim to respond in 48 hours but if for some reason you are unsatisfied with the resolution, please do call us so we can escalate and remedy the issue. Alternatively, if you wish to report abuse please use


We are experienced with modern VOIP based PBX services, delivered either on-site or via the Cloud. Cloud-based phone systems are also referred to as hosted-VoIP systems. They make and receive phone (and sometimes video) calls over the internet using telecoms infrastructure which is hosted in the cloud.

These systems can use a conventional telephone handset or run as an application on your PC. Equipping a PC with even the most basic of headsets or headphones, can provide more functionality than a traditional handset.