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Direct Technical and Wessex IT is now one company. You can read more about the merger on our blog.

About Us

Direct Technical Ltd. (DT) is a highly-focused and trusted IT service and support operation, founded in 1988, servicing small to medium sized businesses

Exclusively BTB

Long-term, loyal clients

DT focuses on servicing a limited number of long-term clients in the South East of England, ranging in size from 5 to over 200 users.

For some of these clients, we have been their trusted IT partner for over 25 years.

Most of our clients rely entirely upon DT for day-to-day IT support, telephony and hosting. For such clients, DT is effectively their IT department, responsible for every aspect of IT including advising the board and proposing IT budgets to meet the needs of the business.

However, some other clients already have their own dedicated in-house IT resources and in this case, DT supports their efforts by providing supplementary advice and expertise as needed, whether that be by additional resource, experience or support.

Remote working

Direct Technical has considerable experience in the design, installation and maintenance of secure Microsoft Windows networks spanning more than one site. Once the equipment is installed, it seeks to reduce the need for site visits by dealing with configuration changes and system updates remotely.

Some clients devolve all responsibility for their network to DT and we connect as and when required – for example, to configure a new printer or to set up a new user. This connection is most usually affected over a secure, encrypted IPSec VPN managed by us.

DT contracts to monitor the health of its client’s servers, producing a daily report and providing a web portal for management. Depending upon client SLA requirements, DT does not insist upon maintenance contracts as these are not always in the client’s best interests. When the network design is right, maintenance requirements ought to be low. In such cases, new or remedial work is charged as “ad-hoc” maintenance at highly competitive rates.

We can help your business with most aspects of Information Technology and Telephony…

  • Private and Public Cloud Services

  • Remote Monitoring and Support

  • Server and Application Virtualisation

  • Security and perimeter protection
  • Anti-virus, anti-spam and anti-spyware measures
  • Backups, including Cloud Backups and Disaster Recovery

  • Secure remote access for off-site users
  • Thin-client computing

  • On-site Installations and Support

  • High-availability solutions Microsoft and VMWare

  • Email Collaboration and Security

  • VOIP and Cloud based Telephony

DT is accredited by major IT Hardware and Software vendors. It has particular software experience in Back-Office server software such as…

  • Microsoft Windows, Exchange and SQL

  • Microsoft Hyper-V and cluster services

  • VMWare Cluster Solutions

  • Outlook and Office 365

  • General software such as Microsoft Office.
DT has earned accreditations (and has sound practical experience) with…
  • Cisco routers/switches

  • HP SAN Storage and Synology NAS Storage

  • vSphere

  • Microsoft Hyper-V

  • Microsoft Client and Server products

  • Cisco and 3CX Telephony